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About VIA optronics

We are a leading provider of enhanced display solutions for multiple end-markets in which superior functionality or durability is a critical differentiating factor. Our customizable technology is well-suited for our target end-markets, in particular customers operating in high-end markets that have unique specifications, and in demanding environments that pose technical and optical challenges for displays, such as bright ambient light, vibration and shock, extreme temperatures and condensation.

Our solutions combine our expertise in interactive display head assembly, comprising a display, cover lens and potentially touch sensors, and proprietary bonding technologies. We also develop, manufacture and sell customized and application-specific metal mesh touch sensors and electrode base film materials for use in touch modules or other touch products. Recently, we have introduced integrated, camera enhanced and interactive displays, or interactive display solutions, that leverage our expertise in display solutions and touch sensor technology, as well as camera module design and related software capabilities.


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